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Amazona 2015 08 18

IDFA - Amazona

Clare’s mother swapped family life for seclusion in the jungle. Now that Clare is about to become a parent herself, she confronts her mother with the choices she made.

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What makes someone a good mother? Director Clare Weiskopf is about to have a baby and decides to ask her mother Val about her take on parenthood and the choices she made. Val first lived a nomadic, hippie existence with her husband and children, but then decided to travel alone into the Colombian jungle – leaving behind 11-year-old Clare and her younger brother with her ex-husband, in a city a thousand miles away.

Clare visits Val in her heavenly habitat in the Amazon region of Colombia. She films her mother weaving bracelets in her timber hut, driving her moped to the market and cooking fish on a wood-burning stove. Why did Val hit the road when her two children needed her so badly? This is a fascinating tug of war between freedom and the moral responsibilities of motherhood – with all the guilt and sacrifice they entail. Should you follow the accepted course, act selflessly and devote yourself to your children, or is your own life the most important in the end?



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