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Olmo 1

IDFA - Olmo and the Seagull

An actress is going crazy having to choose between the stage and motherhood. But she grows into her new role with a mix of re-enactment, confession, and classical theatre.

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Pregnant women often lose teeth because the unborn child draws calcium from her body. The acquaintance who told this to Olivia seemed unfazed, but it made quite an impression on this young actress. As well costing her teeth, the baby could cost her the starring role in Chekhov”s The Seagull, her career, her everything. Impending motherhood is hell for this woman who as a child said she only existed when she had an audience.

When she is passed over for a North American tour, she thinks she will go insane just like Nina, the character in Chekhov”s play. Olmo and the Seagull can be viewed as a form of exorcism. Olivia and her boyfriend Serge re-enact this period from their life, intercutting these scenes with in-the-moment improvisation and an earlier performance of Virginia Woolf”s Mrs Dalloway. In voice-over, Olivia reads out passages from her journal.

Sometimes the film”s directors interject, highlighting the film”s multilayered reality. Where does the acting stop and real life begin? Are we not always playing a role? But for Olivia, the film also forms a bridge between her theatrical life and her new role as a mother.


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