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Along with the gods

Imagine - Along With the Gods: The Two Worlds

Kim Yong-hwa / KR, 2017 / 139 min.

A firefighter faces seven trials in the afterlife in spectacularly bold and uplifting modern fairy tale.

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When firefighter Kim Ja-hong dies in the line of duty, he”s greeted by three guardians who are his escorts through the afterlife. He is informed that because he was a paragon of virtue in life, he”s eligible for reincarnation, as long as he”s acquitted in seven trials on seven levels of hell. A spectacularly bold and uplifting modern fairy tale.

The largest part of Along With the Gods takes place in the fantastic, over-the-top afterlife (that looks like a mixture of Mortal Kombat, Mad Max and Spirited Away), populated with gods punishing sins of the deceased. Its story is reminiscent of A Christmas Carol, with the main character being lead through his past and present to future reincarnation. On the way, he explores consequences of his past actions that complicate his paragon status. Underneath the fantastic layer, riddled with fights, gods and ghosts, it's ultimately a family melodrama with serious moral dilemmas, touching upon such subjects as euthanasia, military abuse and covered-up murders.



Kim Yong-hwa

Production year




Original title

신과함께-죄와 벌


139 min.



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