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Imagine - Faults

Riley Stearns / US, 2014 / 89 min.

Deprogrammer takes on a young cult member in a sinister thriller that brilliantly zigzags towards its creepy finale.

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After building and losing his reputation as an expert on mind control and the possession of cults, Ansel has hit rock bottom. He is hired by the parents of Claire, who has joined a cult called Faults. Ansel takes on the deprogramming job, locking himself and Claire in one room.Sinister thriller that brilliantly zigzags towards its creepy finale.

Director Riley Stearns” first feature is mostly a two-hander, set in one single hotel room. This requires excellent directing and Stearns definitely delivers. By juxtaposing the washed-up cult expert, fighting for recognition and needing the money he is paid, against the young Claire, who radiates both confidence and deep uncertainty, he creates a battlefield of words where both parties cannot afford to lose. The brilliant extra layer is that the master of deprogramming has become something of a cult leader himself in the process. Besides the two excellent leads, the film is driven by a screenplay that keeps the audience guessing and that keeps zigzagging to reach its creepy final twist.



Riley Stearns

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89 min.