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Imagine - Wilkolak

Adrian Panek / PL, 2018 / 88 min.

Juvenile camp survivors deal with new horrors in allegorical wartime thriller that is both coming-of-age and survivor story.

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After a camp in eastern Poland is liberated by the Red Army, eight children are released and find shelter in a derelict mansion. Here, too, danger is looming, as the camp dogs have been set free as well. They roam around the house, aggressive and looking for food. Allegorical wartime thriller is both a coming-of-age and survivor story.

Wilkolak, co-produced by Imagine's founder Jan Doense, is a fine blend of genre film, wartime thriller and coming-of-age drama. In part, the kids resemble the dogs, as they are ready to fight for food and their place in the pack. But the film is also about the battle between humans and dogs and it is here that the young group must learn to shake off the submissive nature that was beaten into them in the camp. Director Adrian Panek uses genre tropes throughout to create a sense of danger in what essentially is a struggle to find humanity again.

16 April with Q&A with director Adrian Panek and co-producer Jan Doense



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