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Still Inside My Heart

Inside My Heart

Saskia Boddeke / NL, 2022 / 86 min.

The boundaries between the rehearsal process and the performance of a piece are blurred in this colorful and elaborate film about the Kamak theater group, a professional ensemble for actors with intellectual disabilities.

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When director Saskia Boddeke saw the performance Furia by Kamak, a professional theater group for actors with intellectual disabilities, she was so impressed that she decided to make a film about the ensemble. The piece they perform, a lavishly designed fairytale about lust and anger, is cinematically portrayed by Boddeke with beautifully staged shots in rich, saturated colors. She also follows the rehearsal process, zooming in on various members of the group.

Shifting back and forth between events onstage and behind the scenes, Inside My Heart blends the magic of an opera and the depth of a documentary. Fact and fiction merge­—sometimes also for the actors themselves, who deeply feel the emotions they portray. They are a close group, offering each other compliments, wise observations about life and love, and lots of mutual support. Engaging with the poetry of their expression, this portrayal is above all an ode to the liberating power of limitless imagination.

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