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Kaboom Classics: The Films of George Debels

Kaboom Animation Festival 2022

Welcome to the wondrous world of George Debels. A true pioneer in animation, George Debels (1890 - 1973)is a filmmaker worthy of a retrospective.

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In collaboration with the Royal Film Archive of Belgium Cinematek and Eye Filmmuseum, animation historian and curator Mette Peters presents a program of Debels' animated advertising films - together with a documentary on the filmmaker - with live music. Enter Debels' cabinet of wonders and witness the origins of Dutch animation.

George Debels was born in

Antwerp in 1890, a few years before the Lumière brothers commercialized the medium of film. After the German invasion of Belgium in 1914, he fled to Amsterdam. There, he found work as a structural engineer, but it was another trade that got him in history books. Around 1919, Debels made his very first films, the earliest known Dutch animation films. After that, until the late 1930s, he went on to make many animations. Without Debels, animation in the Netherlands probably wouldn't have been the same.

With live musical accompaniment by Loes Dooren (violin), Tijl Piryns (percussion), Romain Bly (horn).



57 min.

Part of

Kaboom Animation Festival

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? It’s Kaboom Animation Festival and its le-gen-da-ry program!

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