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campaign image Kaboom Animation Festival 2022


Kaboom 2022

Welcome to the Kingdom of Animation

30 March — 3 April 2022

still from Where is Anne Frank? (Ari Folman, IL 2021)
still from Where is Anne Frank? (Ari Folman, IL 2021)

Get ready to enter the realm of Myths & Fairytales (this year’s theme!) and join animation aficionados in devouring all things animated.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all? It’s Kaboom Animation Festival and its le-gen-da-ry program!

Kaboom Animation Festival presents the latest and greatest of (inter)national animation along with countless not-to-miss events, exhibitions, and retrospectives. The festival brings together everything what makes animation the most lovable genre of all in an inclusive event where everyone will fit right in.

Gather round our festival campfire for stories about different cultures, cross-generational meetings, legends of old and new, and tales that touch the heart and the mind.

Heroes, anti-heroes, villains, and everyone in between are welcome to fall in love with each other and the universal language of animation. A language Kaboom values for its strength of creating modern, inclusive stories and worlds in which every being can be a hero.

Possible entrances to our Animated Kingdom: Amsterdam, Utrecht, and your own home where you can enjoy shorts by animators from all over the world. Kaboom assures you: you will live happily ever after when the week is over.

After the grand opening on Wednesday, March 30th with Where is Anne Frank?, you are invited to indulge in a festival program like no other, right here in Eye, stacked with extraordinary features and shorts that will serve as a remembrance of why cinema is a legend on its own.

On top of that, there are spectacular specials, such as a tribute to the late George Debels with live music, a 16mm compilation of fairytales from around the world, a dance+animation workshop, and even stand-up comedy routines with live animation!

Free exhibitions

Max and his sister Tosca are researching, dissecting and even debunking myths about men from the past and present. In their exhibition Mannenmythen, ten myths about men get a closer look.

Buro Rococo is a collective of illustrators Nino Maissouradze and Yoko Heiligers in which illustration and performance come together in pop-up drawing acts. Their latest project Koekeloerium will premiere in the hall of Eye Filmmuseum. Nino & Yoko invite you to observe your fellow man from their absurd mobile shelters. You've never seen your fellow human beings like this before!

On 2 April there will be a live interaction between creators Nino & Yoko, their installation and you, the audience!


Nothing matches the feeling of a controller in your hands, conquering that imaginative world on screen. At the Kaboom Animation Festival we not only bring attention to film, because... games are also an amazing form of animated media! All games are free-of-charge and available during Eye's opening hours.

poster Kaboom Animation Festival 2022


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