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still Kala azar (Janis Rafa, NL/GR 2020)

Kala azar

Janis Rafa / NL, GR, 2020 / 92 min.

In Kala azar Janis Rafa creates a surrealist universe of her own, with subtle comments on the depravity of the world and the ecological disaster awaiting us. Eye is dedicating an exhibition to Janis Rafa, who is also giving an artist talk this evening at 19.15.

poster Kala azar (Janis Rafa, NL/GR 2020)

Janis Rafa will be present at 19.15 for an extensive artist talk about art and ecology, followed at 21.15 by Kala azar. Kala azar tells the story of a young couple who give their lives meaning by caring for dead animals. In a semi-industrial zone on the edge of a city somewhere in the south of Europe, they make love in their car, off-road, surrounded by stray dogs. Then their day’s work starts: collecting deceased pets and taking them to the animal crematorium. Later, they return the ashes to the owners.

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This movie contains scenes showing explicit sexPersons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adultThis movie contains foul language


Janis Rafa

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Original title

Kala azar


92 min.


Greek (modern)





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Janis Rafa

Eye Filmmuseum presents a solo exhibition by artist and filmmaker Janis Rafa. Spoken language rarely features in her evocative films and video installations; she focuses instead on the silent presence of non-humans, allowing them to become the leading force within her poetic compositions. Her narratives emphasise animalistic instincts, untamed behaviours and inabilities to coexist, alongside human fears, expectations and failure.

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campaign image Janis Rafa – Feed me. Cheat me. Eat me.
still Kala azar (Janis Rafa, NL/GR 2020)
still Kala azar (Janis Rafa, NL/GR 2020)
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