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still Le livre des solutions (Michel Gondry, FR 2023)

Le livre des solutions

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Michel Gondry / FR, 2023 / 103 min.

It’s eight years since Michel Gondry made his last feature film – but now he’s back with an absurd, in-depth portrait of a film director brimming with ideas. Maybe based on Gondry himself? Nothing is impossible...

poster Le livre des solutions (Michel Gondry, FR 2023)

A director’s life is no bed of roses, as is demonstrated by the story of Marc – a man who derives his creativity in part from his bipolar, paranoid condition.

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Before Le livre des solutions you will see the short fairy tale L'Album merveilleux (4') from 1905 in which a man brings various prints to life from a life-size picture book. This film comes from the Eye archive and is part of the Desmet collection. This collection of films is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

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Michel Gondry

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Le livre des solutions


103 min.







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still Le livre des solutions (Michel Gondry, FR 2023)
still Le livre des solutions (Michel Gondry, FR 2023)
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