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still Letters to Max (Eric Baudelaire, 2014)

Letters to Max

Eric Baudelaire / FR, 2014 / 103 min.

In the poetic and deeply personal film essay Letters to Max, filmmaker Eric Baudelaire poses a question: what is a state? Transcending borders and boundaries, the personal inquiry is interspersed with mesmerising images of the ghostly region of Abkhazia. The filmmaker will be present for a Q&A.

poster Letters to Max (Eric Baudelaire, 2014)

Through the letter exchange with a former Foreign Minister of Abkhazia – a state that does not exist, according to international law – Baudelaire delves into the essence of identity, belonging, and the intricacies of statehood. What does it mean to hold a passport of a non-recognized state? What does it mean to live in political limbo and in the situation of the frozen military conflict? In the film, the history acquires a personal perspective, immersing viewers in an intimate journey.

Not a Map But a Trace: Former Soviet Land Reclaimed features films that follow alternative visual geographies of the former Soviet Union. By highlighting the damaged landscapes that preserve the historical memory of the oppression, these films reclaim them from the hegemonic narratives of state socialism. Ultimately, denouncing the dangers of the imperial imaginary, the program highlights the necessity for renewed modes of cross-border connection and communication.



Eric Baudelaire

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Letters to Max


103 min.







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Programmers of the Future

This summer, three Programmers of the Future present their first film programmes in Eye Filmmuseum. Programmers Janilda Bartolomeu, Korée Wilrycx and Kseniia Bespalova are among the very first to take part in Eye’s talent development programme for future film programmers, set up in 2022. The programme will feature cinema from the African diaspora that counters the notion of a singular reality, female artists on masculinity and alternative visual geographies of the former Soviet Union.

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still Letters to Max (Eric Baudelaire, 2014)
still Letters to Max (Eric Baudelaire, 2014)
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