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Magical Girl

Carlos Vermut / ES, 2014

How far can a father go to make his daughter happy? Quite far, according to this surrealist, cool drama with its subtle humor, which carried away prizes San Sebastian.

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Alicia is very ill. Her biggest wish is to get the original and extremely expensive dress from the Japanese anime series Magical Girl as a present. Luis, her father, is prepared to do anything to make her dream come true, meaning literally anything. He gets caught up in a web of shady blackmail to raise the money for the dress. His originally noble attempt to make his daughter happy fast degenerates into a tragic battle between paternal instinct and common sense. Mixed up in this curious web is Bárbara, a beautiful woman with peculiar preferences, and Damían, a retired teacher with a stormy past that just won”t lie down.

Circumstances, cruel coincidence and good intentions lead to situations in which the protagonists are more or less forced to trangress their moral boundaries – with far-reaching consequences.After the screening Sin Fin Cinema presents visitors a glass of Spanish red wine.



Carlos Vermut

Production year




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Magical Girl





DCP - encrypted

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