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Cinedans 2022 mAPs- The migrating Artists Project: DANSOMATON

mAPs- The migrating Artists Project

Cinedans Festival 2022

mAPs – migrating Artists Project – is a transmedia cooperation project between five European countries aiming to support and mentor professional, experienced artists through the production and dissemination of high standard screendance projects. In this special screening, we showcase the Dutch premieres of the five films produced in this project and offer insight on their creation.

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Searching for Phoenix

Director: Marc Wagenbach

Choreography: Oleg Stepanov

Year completed: 2022

Country of production: Germany, Italy, France

Duration: 14:57

Phoenix is assigned by his supervisor from the Ministry of Innovation and Change to assess the impact of the COVID-19 crisis in Europe, in order to create risk scenarios for the German economy. He embarks on a journey, where he must overcome personal and professional obstacles to fulfill his work assignment: in a world yearning for change.

36 MONTHS - Fighting for Zak

Director: Ariadne Mikou, Konstantina Bousmpoura

Choreography: Ariadne Mikou, Stella Koulouvardi, The Royal House of Milan Greek chapter

Year completed: 2022

Country of production: Greece

Duration: 12:50

On the anniversary of the violent murder of activist, anti-fascist and drag queen Zak Kostopoulos, George, a well-established young lawyer, tries in vain to lay a flower bouquet at the impromptu monument, which is guarded by the police. Meanwhile, his business meetings are constantly interrupted by protests for Zak.


Director: Riccardo Maione

Choreography: Raffaele Irace

Year completed: 2022

Country of production: Italy

Duration: 13:26

Set in a nocturnal suburbia of Turin, DANSOMATON is based on a game of fighting androids remotely controlled by their human owners. Each win makes the android nearer to human. Richi, a 25 year-old beginner player, meets Dedra, a long-winded player, and attempts to win her in battle.


Director: Tero Peltoniemi

Choreography: Antti Seppanen

Year completed: 2022

Country of production: Finland

Duration: 15:43

Atlas has been living next to a wind turbine, in his remote and closed, yet safe and comfortable town. Although a master of arm-spinning, Atlas progressively finds himself breaking away from the circular communal tradition of his town. Until the explosion of his wind turbine burns his life’s meaning to the ground.


Director: Aline Sitoé N’DIAYE

Choreography: Abdou N’gom

Year completed: 2022

Country of production: France

Duration: 19:06

Yaa is confronted for the first time with her skin color when she discovers the different shades of ballet shoes in a store. At 15, she hates everything about herself, especially her hair, which is constantly touched by strangers.

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Cinedans 2022

In five full days, Cinedans presents the state of the art of international dance film in partnership with dancescreen - IMZ International Music + Media Center Vienna.

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Cinedans 2022 mAPs- The migrating Artists Project: Searching for Phoenix
Cinedans 2022 mAPs- The migrating Artists Project: 36 MONTHS Fighting for Zak
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