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campaign image Cinedans Festival 2022


Cinedans 2022

165 films from 79 countries!

22 — 26 June 2022

Cinedans 2022: still from Mother Melancholia
still from Mother Melancholia (Samantha Shay)

Cinedans presents an interdisciplinary program where the two movement arts, dance and film, are pre-eminently linked. Connection, innovation and polyphony are central to this 18th International Edition.

In five full days, Cinedans presents the state of the art of international dance film in partnership with dancescreen - IMZ International Music + Media Center Vienna.

Cinedans 2022: still from Habitat (David Jakob)
still from Habitat (David Jakob)
Cinedans 2022: still from Anon (Suzana Phialas)
still from Anon (Suzana Phialas)

The Programme

The Cinedans program includes a strong, diverse and exciting selection of films, that run in the International Dance Film Competition and the Performance Relay & Camera Rework Competition, hosted in partnership with dancescreen - IMZ International Music + Media Center.

Cinedans also presents exceptional documentaries that provide insights into the working methods of choreographers and dancers, or highlight a special project or dance movement.

In the New Dutch Shorts, you can watch a wide selection of home-grown dance films.


This year’s program includes five specials programs concerning various topics, including: New influences & young makers in classical ballet in Ballet Unleashed; Reflection on diversity in dance and society in Black Dance Matters; Striking dance films in which Western and Asian influences merge in Focus: Taiwan; Late night program with exciting films on the relation of sex and dance in XXXplicit Dance.

Cinedans 2022: still from Crow (Robin Boissevain)
still from Crow (Robin Boissevain)

Besides this all, don’t miss out on the Performances, Installations, VR, Lectures, Workshops, Pitches, Q&A’s and Free Screenings!

poster Cinedans Festival 2022
Image on poster: Vivaldis (Philippe Decouflé)

Festival programme

Cinedans FEST ’22 will take place from June 22-26 in Eye and A Lab.
You can buy a ticket per film, or buy a passe-partout for the whole festival.

Cinedans FEST '22 is a hybrid festival. You can watch dance films worldwide on
The online festival program will be available from 24 June – 1 July.

VR Focus

For the third time in a row Cinedans organizes the Cinedans VRLab. In the Playground of A Lab, directly opposite Eye, three international makers experiment with dance, movement and body in a virtual environment. On June 25 and 26 the Lab will hold an open house during Cinedans FEST to test and view the experiments. The doors will be open for the Cinedans audience.

Besides that, Cinedans and ImproVive - VR development studio in Amersfoort - are organising a workshop for dance and film makers, visual artists and designers. In the Kaleidoscope of A Lab, Improvive will set up a technological playground where you can examine and play with VR for an hour.

For more information check the programme.

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