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still Mechanisms Common to Disparate Phenomena: #59 (Joost Rekveld, BE 2023)

Mechanisms Common to Disparate Phenomena: #59

Joost Rekveld / BE, 2023 / 79 min.

Première of Joost Rekveld's abstract animated science-fiction film #59, in which humans, aliens and electronic devices vacillate between the poles of a human fever dream of planetary control on the one hand, and lively machinic chaos on the other.

poster Mechanisms Common to Disparate Phenomena: #59 (Joost Rekveld, BE 2023)
#59 is an abstract animated science-fiction film that takes the experiences shared by humans and electronic circuits as its starting point. Our computing technology emerged as a byproduct of the development of atomic weapons and their associated planetary surveillance systems. In 1961 Edward Lorenz and Yoshisuke Ueda independently discovered deterministic chaos in their computers.

All images in the film were produced as analog electronic signals, in a re-enactment of antiquated ways of computing. These signals were generated using period equipment, including an analog computer from 1963, early sonar and radar oscillators, and bits from military flight simulators. This film is an attempt to liberate these technologies from these problematic origins.

Narrative elements derived from Cold War era science fiction films set the tone, while references to radar and television scanning result in images that evoke very early computer graphics. These progressively unfold into organic calligraphies, in which the negative space between the patterns becomes one of the protagonists. Resemblances with manmade phenomena are gradually left behind, and the film evolves into a nonverbal meditation on material processes and the arrow of time. What would circuits do without people?

About Joost Rekveld

Joost Rekveld is an artist and researcher who wonders what humans can learn from a dialogue with the machines they have constructed. In a form of media archeology he investigates modes of material engagement with devices from forgotten corners in the history of science and technology. The outcomes of these investigations often take the shape of abstract films that function like alien phenomenologies. In their sensuality they are an attempt to reach an intimate and embodied understanding of our technological world.

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Mechanisms Common to Disparate Phenomena: #59


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still from Cloacinae Serge Onnen & Sverre Fredriksen, NL 2017)

Why in Eye

In conjunction with artist and researcher Joost Rekveld, we will wonder what people can learn from talking to machines.

Anna Abrahams
programmeur Eye

still Mechanisms Common to Disparate Phenomena: #59 (Joost Rekveld, BE 2023)
still Mechanisms Common to Disparate Phenomena: #59 (Joost Rekveld, BE 2023)
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