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still Moeder Dao, de schildpadgelijkende (Vincent Monnikendam, NL 1995)

Moeder Dao de schildpadgelijkende

Vincent Monnikendam / NL, 1995 / 88 min.

To accompany their Cosmic Realism exhibition, Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor have selected a film that means a lot to them: Moeder Dao, de schildpadgelijkende (1995) by Vincent Monnikendam, assembled from silent films that paint a picture of the former Dutch East Indies.

poster Moeder Dao, de schildpadgelijkende (Vincent Monnikendam, NL 1995)
Monnikendam viewed no less than 260,000 metres of nitrate film, filmed often for propaganda purposes. His selection of extraordinary archive material consists of shots of the landscape, of plantations and industry showing colonial exploitation, and the presence of Europeans in their immaculate helmets and tropical suits. Monnikendam also selects fragments that shock us now, such as those of two young children smoking a cigarette.

The film focuses on how the Netherlands governed in Indonesia between 1912 and 1933 – running a colonial enterprise showing

what the balance of power was like at the time. The title Mother Dao refers to the creation story according to the inhabitants of the island of Nias, told at the beginning of the film.


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Vincent Monnikendam

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Moeder Dao de schildpadgelijkende


88 min.







Part of

Paravel & Castaing-Taylor

Eye Filmmuseum presents Cosmic Realism, the first retrospective featuring the works of Véréna Paravel and Lucien Castaing-Taylor. Trained as anthropologists, they merge anthropology, documentaries, and visual arts in their craft. The exhibition takes the viewer past seven immersive installations in which the development of the makers can be followed.

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still Moeder Dao, de schildpadgelijkende (Vincent Monnikendam, NL 1995)
still Moeder Dao, de schildpadgelijkende (Vincent Monnikendam, NL 1995)
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