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still Moving Ice (Susan Schuppli)

Moving Ice

Eye on Art: Moving Ice

An evening in collaboration with Sonic Acts around the theme of ice, with an audiovisual performance by Sébastien Robert and Mark IJzerman (with material from the Eye collection), the premiere of a new film by Susan Schuppli and a talk between Schuppli and Åse Løvgren (Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts)

poster Eye on Art: Moving Ice
The programme will consist of:


  • still from work by Mark IJzerman and Sébastien Robert

    Another Deep (try-out) (Sébastien Robert, Mark IJzerman, 25', live AV performance)

    Another Deep is an immersive project that explores the impending deep-sea mining in the Svalbard region. The performance seeks to highlight the stark contrasts and inherent tensions present in the region, reflecting on matters such as climate change, industrialization, and resource exploitation. IJzerman and Robert aim to bring visibility to environmental, geopolitical, and indigenous impacts resulting from the mining operations and hope to facilitate a nuanced discussion around this largely unseen process.

    Interdisciplinary artist Mark IJzerman navigates planetary processes such as eroding biodiversity and warming waters from more-than-human perspectives. Always informed by field research and creative collaboration, he uses digital technologies to create intimacy between us and the other-than-human.

    As an interdisciplinary artist and researcher, Sébastien Robert’s practice unfolds at the intersection of visual and sound art, technology, science, and ethnography. Most of his projects revolve around a research cycle You’re No Bird of Paradise, through which he explores disappearing Indigenous sonic rituals and cosmologies. Produced in collaboration with V2_ (the Netherlands) and BEK (Norway)

  • still Moving Ice (Susan Schuppli)

    Moving Ice (Susan Schuppli, 40')

    World premiere. A trans-hemispheric commerce in natural ice moved its crystal cargo along the well-established shipping routes of plantation economies and the spice trade, what came to be known as the "frozen water trade". This film tells the story of how European and American merchants tried to cool the tropics through the financialisation of temperature. Shipping natural ice extracted from glaciers and winter lakes to colonial elites around the world. Sometimes using slave labour to unload ships. The moving of a melting commodity that lost its mass by almost a third upon arrival is now largely forgotten.

    Susan Schuppli, a researcher and artist based in the UK, examines material evidence, corroborating material from war and conflict, as well as environmental disasters and climate change. Schuppli is Professor and Director of the Centre for Research Architecture, Goldsmiths University of London where she is also an affiliate artist-researcher and Board Chair of Forensic Architecture. Co-commissioned by BEK (Norway), Sonic Acts (the Netherlands)

  • Susan Schuppli in conversation with Åse Løvgren (20')

    Åse Løvgren is an artist based in Bergen, Norway. Her practice concerns an investigation of how global entanglements leave material, historical and political traces locally. By using her immediate surroundings on the West Coast of Norway as prisms, she looks at how they are connected to a globally dispersed production and economy that entails destruction of nature and social and economical inequality. Currently she holds a position at BEK – Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts as project developer.

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still from work by Mark IJzerman and Sébastien Robert
still Moving Ice (Susan Schuppli)
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