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Olympia Leni Riefenstahl

Olympia. 2. Teil: Fest der Schönheit

Leni Riefenstahl / DEUZE, 1938 / 96 min.

As part of the programme of Amsterdam Art Week, Eye presents the newly restored film Olympia Teil 2. Fest der Schönheit by Leni Riefenstahl. This film from 1938 is as influential as it is controversial. The film will be introduced by Marian Cousijn (Eye) in a short talk with artists Juul Hondius and RAAAF.

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In Olympia, director Leni Riefenstahl records the 1936 Olympic Games in Berlin. The film is as influential as it is controversial. Riefenstahl was way ahead of her time technically and artistically; inventing various new film and editing techniques. But the glorification of fascist ideas makes the film very controversial.

Riefenstahl had previously made films about the NSDAP by order of Nazi propaganda minister Goebbels. In Olympia, Hitler is also frequently pictured, as well as Nazi flags triumphantly flying in the wind. The way in which the strong human body is glorified in the film strongly resonates with Nazi ideology.

The power of images

How can we deal with this loaded cultural heritage more than 80 years after the fact? In a short introduction to the screening of Olympia.2. - Fest der Schönheit, art historian and curator Marian Cousijn will talk to artist Juul Hondius and Erik and Ronald Rietveld of RAAAF, who frequently deal with these kinds of questions in their artistic practice. Images have power – how can one, as an artist but also as an art institute, deal with this responsibility?



Leni Riefenstahl

Production year




Original title

Olympia. 2. Teil: Fest der Schönheit


96 min.







Part of

Amsterdam Art Week 2021

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