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campaign image Vive le cinéma!, work by Leopold Emmen

Online Kick-off Vive le cinéma!

For the seventh edition of IFFR Critics' Choice, six film critics made video essays about the installations in the exhibition Vive le cinéma!: Catherine Grant (about the work of Lucrecia Martel), Kevin B. Lee (Jia Zhang-ke), Lucia Salas (Carlo Reygadas), Cydnii Wilde Harris (Lemohang Jeremiah Mosese) and curators Jan Pieter Ekker and Dana Linssen (Nanouk Leopold & Daan Emmen).

poster Vive le cinéma! Exhibition + film, talks & events

For their video essays, six film critics started simultaneously with the artists and filmmakers in the exhibition, raising exciting and interesting questions about the role of art, reflection and spectatorship.

Somewhere between documentary and film journalism, free work and essay writing, they are faced with the question: how to reflect on a work in progress? Also: is not every form of art criticism also a work in process and should not critics each time reassess their position towards a work?

Together, they will discuss the role of film criticism between film screening and spatial presentation and the possibilities the video essay possesses as a hybrid form in this landscape.


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Vive le cinéma! Art & Film

To mark the 75th anniversary of the Filmmuseum and the 50th International Film Festival Rotterdam (IFFR), Eye and the IFFR have selected five film directors from five continents as a way of celebrating the unlimited power and diversity of world cinema, which is so vital for the programming.

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campaign image Vive le cinéma!, work by Leopold Emmen
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