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still from Otto e mezzo (8 ½) (Federico Fellini, IT 1963)

Otto e mezzo

Federico Fellini / IT, FR, 1963 / 138 min.

Fellini’s Oscar-winning fantasy involving his alter ego director Guido Anselmi (Marcello Mastroianni) caught in an artistic crisis. With shooting about to start, the filmmaker, who has retired to a spa, decides to turn his faltering inspiration into the focus of the film.

poster Otto e mezzo (8 ½) (Federico Fellini, IT 1963)

Anselmi, Fellini's alter ego, frets about a new film whilst suffering serious writer’s block. He just can’t seem to get a good script down on paper. His wife and lover demand his attention, as do the impatient producer, aggressive critics and actresses angling for a role. At his wit’s end, Anselmi decides to make his lack of inspiration the subject with a Fellini-esque film about cinema as its peerless result.

Federico Fellini had seven feature films and a number of short productions to his name when he started work on number ‘8½’. Otto e mezzo (1963) is viewed as the pinnacle of Fellini’s cinematic fantasy, a crucial film in his oeuvre.

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still from Otto e mezzo (8 ½) (Federico Fellini, IT 1963)
still from Otto e mezzo (8 ½) (Federico Fellini, IT 1963)
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