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Eye on Sound: Passing Through (1977) (soundwave)

Passing Through

Larry Clark / US, 1977 / 111 min.

Intense, political jazz film with raw energy featuring jazz as an emancipatory, political power. Larry Clark is one of the luminaries of the L.A. Rebellion movement that, since the 1970s, has revolted against Hollywood and wanted to create its own, new Black cinema.

poster All that Jazz: Passing Through (Larry Clark, US 1977)

Saxophonist Eddie Warmack has just been released from prison and wants to better his ways by focusing on music. However, he runs into trouble with powerful, dodgy characters in the music industry who brazenly exploit jazz musicians for profit. His artistic integrity is at stake.

The jazz-laden Passing Through is a seldom-screened American indie film gem with a score arranged by Horace Tapscott featuring music from artists including Charlie Parker, John Coltrane, Eric Dolphy and Sun Ra.

It shines a stimulating light on the historic origins of jazz which are sometimes at odds with the (often white) music industry, a society obsessed with personal gains and the emancipatory power of (jazz)music. As evinced by the opening, 15-minute ode to jazz musicians consisting of scintillating coloured planes. An explosion-like film. First screening in the Netherlands that we are aware of!


Persons under 16 years must be accompanied by an adult


Larry Clark

Production year




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Passing Through


111 min.







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All That Jazz

All That Jazz: a scintillating programme on jazz and film featuring classics, live performances and a focus on exceptional avant-garde and activist filmmakers with a passion for jazz. From Miles Davis to Vincent de Boer, from Sun Ra to Ornette Coleman.

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still Passing Through (Larry Clark, US 1977)
still Passing Through (Larry Clark, US 1977)
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