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still from Putney Swope (Robert Downey, US 1969)

Putney Swope

Robert Downey / US, 1969 / 84 min.

This satire about the American advertising profession by director Robert Downey is a cult phenomenon. The brand new chairman of an advertising agency replaces all the white board members with Black Power activists. Anarchic comedy; its highlight a series of hilarious fake commercials.

poster Putney Swope (Robert Downey, US 1969)
Putney Swope is the only African-American on the board of a major Madison Avenue advertising company, who is voted in as chairman. Accidentally, because all the other board members voted for him, thinking no one else would. Swope (dubbed using the director’s voice which creates a surreal effect) rebrands the company Truth and Soul, Inc. whilst gleefully wrecking the business.

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Robert Downey

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Putney Swope


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still from Putney Swope (Robert Downey, US 1969)
still from Putney Swope (Robert Downey, US 1969)
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