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still Der siebente Kontinent (Michael Haneke, AT 1989)

Der siebente Kontinent

Michael Haneke / AT, 1989 / 104 min.

Haneke’s clinical portrait of an average Austrian family realising how worthless money and possessions are, and arriving at the ultimate conclusion. Nicht bremsen it says on the carwash. The perfect metaphor for life in a consumption-driven society.

poster Der siebente Kontinent (Michael Haneke, AT 1989)

The father’s name is Georg, the mother’s Anna and the child is called Eva. Pretty standard really. Father works hard for a security company, mother is an optician and the child goes to school.

In three chapters Haneke paints a claustrophobic portrait of a family trapped in a constrictive pattern. Ultimately seeking almost mystical salvation in the automatisms of a fully functional, consumption-oriented existence, in which human contact proves impossible.

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Scenes from this movie may cause fearPersons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adult


Michael Haneke

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Original title

Der siebente Kontinent


104 min.


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still Der siebente Kontinent (Michael Haneke, AT 1989)
still Der siebente Kontinent (Michael Haneke, AT 1989)
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