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still Rebels of the Neon God (Tsai Ming-liang, TW 1992)

Rebels of the Neon God

Tsai Ming-liang / TW, 1992 / 106 min.

Taipei, the early 1990s. The economies of Southeast Asia are booming, but it hardly seems to trigger the young. They hang around, without any goals or ambitions. Tsai Ming-liang’s first full-length feature film is a sketch of a friendship between two boys in a metropolis. Motorbikes, video games and girls are the ingredients of this film, underscored by atmospheric guitar music.

poster Rebels of the Neon God (Tsai Ming-liang, TW 1992)
Tsai Ming-liang’s camera follows Hsiao Kang and Ah Tze: one a teenage slacker who fails his exams and gets thrown out of the house, the other a juvenile delinquent with a quick temper. One rides a scooter, the other a motorbike which is his pride and joy. In long, lingering shots, Tsai registers how the boys' lives intersect: with admiration, attraction and aggression; the homo-erotic undertone is unmistakeable.

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Persons under 12 years must be accompanied by an adultThis movie contains scenes of violenceScenes from this movie may cause fearThis movie contains scenes with alcohol and/or drug use


Tsai Ming-liang

Production year




Original title

Ching shao nien na cha


106 min.


Min Nan Chinese, Mandarin Chinese





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still Rebels of the Neon God (Tsai Ming-liang, TW 1992)
still Rebels of the Neon God (Tsai Ming-liang, TW 1992)

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