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Researchlabs 2021: Sandberg

Sandberg Institute: Landscapes

As you are enjoying the scenery on a bridgeUpstairs on a tower people are watching youThousands of “you” standing on the bridge looking at the same sky but enjoyingvariously, people from countless upstairs watching “you” as one landscape.

Poster Researchlabs 2021 Sandberg Institute
1 - Tao Yang - "Outside the long corridor"In the evening I went to Den Bosch from Amsterdam to visit a friend, I don’t remember if it was happy, sad, excited, or dull, but outside the window, trees, clouds, birds, buildings are dim, dark, still, as the shapes before I came.

2 - Pam Virada - "Clouds obscure then blow away II"

Drawing the connection to Hauntology where ghosts are born from the collective trauma, the work explores the representations of the Chinese diaspora through the storytelling of animism, spirits, and inexplicable matter beyond rationale existing alongside life. These stories reveal localized beliefs and culture in signs and metaphors through the macro and micro-narratives of vernacular experiences.

3 - Jae Pil Eun - "Blue moon"

In the Project , Jae invited Tao and do opera- performance. They will use an Asian-style narrative which can be found in Kabuki and Chinese opera. The highly abstract form of narrative concentrated on sound and light. Following the sound of drums and spotlights, two people get closer and farther away.

4 - Kyulim Kim - "In Transit"

The video installation is an informed reflection of the site of Het Hem as an ammunition factory and starts with an imagined act of bringing an artwork on site. The act is embodied in a scene set at the building’s loading gates where the bullets were once sent out from, speculating on the relationship between contemporary spaces of supply chain logistics and artwork transportation.

5 - Emirhakin "Who is going to die if I kill my self?"

With ‘‘Who is going to die if I kill my self?’ Emirhakin traces back the scratches of the hegemonic power structures on human integrity. This performance dissects the elements of Turkish politics through the mandatory military service and seeking an answer for ‘Who am I?

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