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Researchlabs 2023 Sandberg Mark Chung Erasing hong kong

Sandberg Instituut – Ability to Forget

Researchlabs 2023: Sandberg Instituut – Ability to Forget

Four films from the Sandberg Institute bring disappearing mental images to life by bending truths, searching for missing pieces, redrawing versions, distrusting what you see and retelling in order not to forget.

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Memories are made by processing fleeting reality through the mills of archiving, reconstructing, protecting, fictionalizing, distorting, enforcing narratives and voluntarily or involuntarily choosing what to forget. Made by students and alumni of the Sandberg Instituut Fine Arts department led by Judith Leysner, curated by Ada Finci Terseglav, technical support by Sandberg Medialab team.


  • The Haunted Villa of Spetses (Myrto Vratsanou, 2020, 11')

    Unfolding through dialogues during a hike and a drive on the Greek island of Spetses, the film focuses on the narratives, rumours, oral histories and misunderstandings surrounding a haunted villa.

    Taking as a starting point the story of the painter Eleni Altamoura, the interlocutors keep getting distracted by the landscape and the stories it carries. They drift away from the main narrative, making false assumptions, elisions and speculations, raising questions about academic research and subjective retellings. They fill in the gaps of what they don't know or misremember with what theirs surroundings offer. The politics and histories of the island are traced on the natural materials, the architecture, infrastructure and the weather.

  • Short On Memory (Atefeh Alaeddin, 2021, 8')

    Short On Memory is a combination of installation, video, and essay. And a desire of pushing the limits of fiction and fact. It approaches the remembering as rather an invisible performances, laying unnoticed in our personal and social lives.

  • Phantom Pain (Mark Chung, 2019-2023, 14')

    The graffiti is two Chinese characters “Hong Kong”, as a part of the slogan that is now criminalized in the city. The crowd was pushed away by burning fumes and the line of shields before the slogan was completed, leaving “Hong Kong” on the granite wall of the Bank of China. The workers of the building were hastily washing away the markings on the wall and the stone lions before the words had any time to dry on the stone.

  • Five Perspectives Melting Into One (Ada Finci Terseglav, 2022, 22')

    Five family members look back at a significant time they experienced together but each in their own perspective. Collectively they are weaving a memory patchwork, a portrait in fragments, a glimpse into a specific moment in time.

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Researchlabs 2023

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