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Cinedans 2022 Short Docs Intersections and Histories COCONUT

Short Docs: Intersections and Histories

Cinedans Festival 2022

From dancing barbers in Brazil to encounters with whales, full of fantasy, humour, vigour and tenderness, this out-of-competition section offers a panoramic view on dance and our human experience. We include longer shorts, documentaries and performance relays and we hope you get carried away by every single story.

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Flamenco Queer

Director:Ana Gonzalez, Frederick Bernas

Choreography: Manuel Liñán

Year completed: 2021

Country of production: Spain, United States

Duration: 22:46

After three decades of hiding his feminine impulses, renowned Spanish dancer Manuel Liñán comes out to challenge convention and rigid cultural traditions by pursuing his love of performing flamenco - dressed as a woman.


Director: Sivan Rubinstein

Choreography: Sivan Rubinstein

Year completed: 2019

Country of production: Israel, United Kingdom

Duration: 7:22

‘Life is movement… and movement is life-giving’ says Kedeeshah in this short solo film shot in the dessert. We witness the young soul of a mother, grandmother and great grandmother, whose fascinating life force and wisdom becomes evident in her movement.

Haircut Dance

Director: Luiz Guilherme Guerreiro

Year completed: 2021

Country of production: Brazil

Duration: 13:39

The Jaca haircut has very straight lines, “made with the ruler”, like they say. In the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, haircuts and passinho dance skills give status and prominence to those attending funk parties. Haircut Dance is a documentary about barbers who dance or dancers who cut hair.


Director: Frédérique Cournoyer Lessard

Choreography: Claudel Doucet

Year completed: 2022

Country of production: Canada

Duration: 15:28

Two female figures, a dancer and a circus artist, explore the experience of having been raised by a single mother. They awkwardly try to start a conversation with their mothers. Tenderly humorous and without aesthetic overstatements, Coconut reveals the relations and connections of womanhood.

Tanz in Oberaudorf

Director: Jasmine Ellis

Choreography: Jasmine Ellis

Year completed: 2021

Country of production: Germany

Duration: 7:14

Two elderlies share their lifetime relationship with dance. Their stories reveal how dance accompanied intimate and special moments in their lives but also how they see the younger generations dance. Shot in the vast landscapes of Oberaudorf, Bavaria.

Yingge Boys

Director: Shijun Jia

Choreography: Chaoqin Wang, Huaimei Yingge Team

Year completed: 2021

Country of production: China

Duration: 5:21

Chaoshan in Guangdong Province is the home of Yingge dance, a prized folk art that combines a southern Chinese style of boxing with traditional opera. In the film we see the Huaimei Yingge Team, a group of self-taught Yingee dancers. Aged between 18 and 19, the boys take inspiration from classic heroes and follow the examples of their chivalrous exploits.

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Cinedans 2022

In five full days, Cinedans presents the state of the art of international dance film in partnership with dancescreen - IMZ International Music + Media Center Vienna.

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Cinedans 2022 Short Docs Intersections and Histories Sivan Rubinstein
Cinedans 2022 Short Docs Intersections and Histories Yinnge boys
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