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Cinedans 2022 Shorts 3 Dive

Shorts 3

Cinedans Festival 2022

A selection of the best short dance films, featuring a variety of dance styles and filmic approaches, are competing in the International Short Film Competition. Each screening will be concluded with a short Q&A with international filmmakers and guests.

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La Nostra Terra (Thomas Born, IT/NL 2022, 17’)

Choreography: Dalton Jansen

A dance tragedy on Sicilian soil about a search for common ground. Inspired by Studio Wild’s installation 'The Forbidden Garden of Europe', that hosts a garden of 'invasive alien species' that pose a threat to native European plants and are illegal to grow, trade and transport throughout the EU.

Habitat: A Short Film on Dance and Architecture (David Jakob, FI 2021, 5’)

Choreography: Jack Traylen

Combining dance and architecture, the film showcases Alvar Aalto’s built environment in the city of Kouvola, Finland. Aalto’s architecture is human at heart – a principle which is reflected in each of his designs. A play between space, human form and solid architecture creates a dreamlike journey through the city.

SHE (Emil Dam Seidel, DK 2022, 7’)

Choreography: Dorotea Saykaly

SHE is a cinematic adaptation of a solo dance performance of the same name. Inspired by 'The Passion According to G.H.' by Clarice Lispector, the dance revolves around identity and doubt. Caught in a room, the protagonist, Clarice, unfolds a vision of her own identity through a mirror interrogator.

amser / time (Deborah Light, GB 2022, 6’)

Choreography: Light Ladd Emberton

Three people move between land and sea in three remarkable sites along the Bae Ceredigon/Cardigan Bay in Wales. We start 20,000 years ago and arrive at today's climate crisis.

Reminiscences (Virginie Brunelle, CA 2022, 11’)

Choreography: Virginie Brunelle

Réminicenses brings three sensual and brutal duets to the screen. Three stories overlap to tell the memory or what remains of the nostalgic feelings of their union. The choreographies sublimate the cracks that human experience generates and which settle in us like so many emotional vestiges.

AWARE (Manu León, Ramón Verdugo, ES 2021, 3’)

Choreography: Sheila García

The Japanese word 'AWARE' refers to the feelings of sadness or melancholia before the certainty of something being ephemeral. The film speaks of love through those moments when one realises that it will not last forever.

In Media Res (Anthony Valon, FR 2020, 7’)

Choreography: Anthony Valon, Lorenzo Ds Dasse

A human shadow wakes up in the middle of a giant empty factory, at the foot of a monolith that reflects his silhouette endlessly. He bears the marks of a time that has passed: the traces of a makeup that now deceives facial recognition.

Dive (Oscar Sansom, GB 2021, 13’)

Choreography: James Bonas, Sophie Laplane

Dive is inspired by the French artist Yves Klein and his International Yves Klein Blue, what has become world’s most famous shade of blue. Quintessentially quirky choreography paired with striking visuals in this teal-toned treat by Scottish Ballet’s choreographers Sophie Laplane and James Bonas.

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Cinedans 2022

In five full days, Cinedans presents the state of the art of international dance film in partnership with dancescreen - IMZ International Music + Media Center Vienna.

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