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Cinedans 2022 Shorts 4 Trace of Time

Shorts 4

Cinedans Festival 2022

A selection of the best short dance films, featuring a variety of dance styles and filmic approaches, are competing in the International Short Film Competition. Each screening will be concluded with a shortQ&A with international filmmakers and guests. 

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They Dance With Their Heads (Thomas Corriveau, CA 2021, 8’)

Choreography: Thomas Corriveau

The severed head of a choreographer is held captive by an eagle on a desert island. This animated short unexpectedly takes us into the sensitive world of an artist madly in love with dance.

Evidence of it All (Drew Jacoby, US 2021, 9’)

Choreography: Drew Jacoby

Former NDT and National Ballet dancer Drew Jacoby takes the viewer on an intimate journey through the lens of a woman in solitude, pulsating through her memories and innermost secrets in an original story inspired by the Seven Deadly Sins written by Royce Vavrek.

On Mending (Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern, Emilie Leriche, IT 2021, 15’)

Choreography: Emilie Leriche, Shawn Fitzgerald Ahern

On Mending follows a community’s attempt to process an overwhelming loss. The film and its characters wind their way through a vast and barren alpine landscape, an abstract land of memory and nostalgia. A reflection on the beauty and inevitability of impermanence.

La visite (Tommy Pascal, FR 2020, 10’)

Choreography: Wanjiru Kamuyu

La Visite resonates elements of Wanjiru Kamuyu's solo 'An Immigrant’s Story' with the historical layers of the Palais de la Porte Dorée, that was constructed for the Paris Colonial Exposition of 1931. This building echoes the colonial heritage and the contemporary revolts that have their roots in this history.

Anahit (Laura Hermanides, NL 2022, 9’)

Choreography: Emma Evelein

A visit to the swimming pool brings back Imaani's dark memories of a sexual assault. In order to defeat her inner demons and overcome the past, Imaani will have to face her trauma.

Trace of Time (Iwa, KR 2021, 19’)

Choreography: Bora Kim

Choreographer Kim Bora invites to perceive the body as space and time that changes accordingly. Senses and landscapes leave traces, as much as the accumulation of experience over time. Scattered times do not disappear, but becomes traces of the body and space, expanding infinitely.

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Cinedans 2022

In five full days, Cinedans presents the state of the art of international dance film in partnership with dancescreen - IMZ International Music + Media Center Vienna.

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Cinedans 2022 Shorts 4 Anahit
Cinedans 2022 Shorts 4 They Dance With Their Heads
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