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still Silent Running (Douglas Trumbull, US 1971)

Silent Running

Douglas Trumbull / US, 1971 / 89 min.

Is there hope for humanity? Perhaps, if botanist Freeman Lowell can succeed in keeping the last trees and crops that could be saved alive in greenhouses in space. Douglas Trumbull’s eco science fiction from 1972 became a cult hit with a serious, urgent message.

poster Silent Running (Douglas Trumbull, US 1971)
Botanist Freeman Lowell is flying to the Rings of Saturn in a stolen spaceship, with the last trees and gardens from planet Earth on board. Will he succeed in saving botanical life from Earth?

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This movie contains scenes of violenceScenes from this movie may cause fearPersons under 6 years must be accompanied by an adult


Douglas Trumbull

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Silent Running


89 min.







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Much in life is uncertain, but one thing is sure: climate change. Cinema Ecologica focuses on how film directors depict the relationship between humanity and the earth: from nail-biting disaster films to artistic meditations, from romantic nature experiences to astounding science fiction.

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"Silent Running depicts a selfless, true science fiction love between a human, the gardens he is tending and the robots that help him." – Anna Abrahams, programmer

still Silent Running (Douglas Trumbull, US 1971)
still Silent Running (Douglas Trumbull, US 1971)
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