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Space Is the Place + Illnoledge

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Illnoledge will perform a live show following Space is the Place, an homage to 1950s and 1960s science fiction films, told in a blaxploitation style. Musician Sun Ra, the spiritual forebear of Afrofuturism and a cosmic seer, plays himself in this psychedelic musical film.

poster Eyeshadow: Space Is the Place + Illnoledge
Illnoledge consists of brothers and good friends Steve Hartley and Mill Voyance. With their rich cultural background and roots in the West Indies and Surinam, they have developed their own amazing style which they refer to as ‘Akan Fu’. It comprises elements of reggae, afrobeat, latin and jazz. Their music is intuitive and boundless. Their debut EP ‘The O.D.E.’ was released in 2019 and they had previously toured with Alain Clark. They will perform after the main film:



John Coney Coney

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still Space is The Place (John Coney, US 1974)
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