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still from Still Life (Sanxia haoren) (Jia Zhang-ke, CN/HK 2006)

Still Life

Jia Zhang-ke / CN, HK, 2006 / 111 min.

A human life is not worth much compared to economic growth in this documentary-like, completely surreal film. The construction of the Three Gorges Dam in China is a project of megalomaniac proportions. To feed the insatiable demand for energy, millions of people are forced to relocate as their villages will be underwater.

poster Still Life (Sanxia haoren) (Jia Zhang-ke, CN/HK 2006)
A boat full of tourists sails across a gigantic reservoir set in an overwhelming landscape, dominated by three gigantic gorges. On the banks of the reservoir, life is miserable. How lonely can you get: one man literally lives in a bridge in a village where painted lines show the impending level of the water. In this wrecked setting, a man and a woman are each searching for their lovers, to tell them once they have found them that their relationship is over.

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Jia Zhang-ke

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Sanxia haoren


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still from Still Life (Sanxia haoren) (Jia Zhang-ke, CN/HK 2006)
still from Still Life (Sanxia haoren) (Jia Zhang-ke, CN/HK 2006)
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