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Such Men Are Dangerous

Kenneth Hawks / US, 1930 / 75 min.

Kenneth Hawks’ bitter comical story revolves around the very rich and very unattractive businessman Ludwig Kranz who succeeds in marrying a beautiful young girl, Eleanor. When the bride flees on her wedding night, Kranz decides to stage a fatal plane crash and undergoes cosmetic surgery to assume a new identity. Transformed into ‘Pierre Villard’ he manages to win Eleanor’s heart.

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acting styles

Such Men are Dangerous was originally released in sound and silent versions. The various acting styles are a remarkable feature of the film: Hopper and Lugosi (already famous for his role as Count Dracula) still work with dramatic facial expressions to communicate shock or sorrow, while the acting of Albert Conti and Warner Baxter is more subdued.

Director Kenneth Hawks and members of the film crew were killed when their plane crashed during the shooting of Kranz” parachute jump scene.



Kenneth Hawks

Production year




Original title

Such Men Are Dangerous


75 min.





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Such men are dangerous eye filmmuseum02
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