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Portret diana ozon 03 kleur foto mathilde mupe 2016

The Ex + Diana Ozon

Portret Diana Ozon: Mathilde muPe, 2016 & José Melo, 1985

campaign image FURY! Punk Culture, illustration © Roel Smit

A large selection of (second-hand) punk records is available for sale in the distros of Gummo punks, Independent Outlet and Darcy Trash in Cinema 2. There is a bar in the cinema, which has both standing room and seats. Portret Diana Ozon: Mathilde muPe, 2016 & José Melo, 1985

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FURY! Punk Culture

The year is 1976, the second industrial era is screeching to a conclusion and the oil crisis is at an all-time low when an undeniable counter-voice is heard in the dilapidated inner cities of London, Amsterdam and New York. A call for rebellion against the capitalist thinking that fills the pockets of the wealthy minority. It's a provocative cry from teens and young adults who no longer want to do what parents, teachers and politicians expect of them.

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campaign image FURY! Punk Culture
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