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The Jericho Mile

Michael Mann / US, 1979 / 97 min.

Michael Mann made a regular appearance as co-screenwriter of popular cop shows like Starsky & Hutch and Vega$in the seventies. His breakthrough as a director came in 1979 with The Jericho Mile, a prison drama also produced for TV.

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The lead role was played by another TV veteran, Peter Strauss, star of the international TV hit Rich Man, Poor Man. For Strauss, the character of lifer Larry Murphy who was sent down for the murder of his father, was an exceptional chance to get rid of the stereotype of the fabulously rich pretty boy of Rich Man, Poor Man.

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Michael Mann

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The Jericho Mile


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Michael Mann

Film auteur Michael Mann (1943) directed his first feature film The Jericho Mile thirty years ago. High time to offer a comprehensive retrospective of the eleven films he made for the cinema and his two TV films. Plus of course, episodes of TV series directed, written or produced by Mann, including the influential Miami Vice.

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