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still The Lady Eve (Preston Sturges, US 1941)

The Lady Eve

Preston Sturges / US, 1941 / 94 min.

One is a clumsy, shy super rich brewer’s heir, the other a femme fatale fraudster. Preston Sturges at his best in this wicked relationship comedy, featuring Hollywood stars Barbara Stanwyck and Henry Fonda as potential lovers.

poster The Lady Eve (Preston Sturges, US 1941)
Barbara Stanwyck plays Jean, Fonda Charles Pike. The two meet on board a cruise liner on which Jean and her father, ‘Colonel’ Harrington, profitably relieve the rich of their wealth at the poker table. Pike, the son of a monied brewer, is a snake expert who has just returned from a year of field work in the Amazon jungle.


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Preston Sturges

Production year




Original title

The Lady Eve


94 min.







Part of

Written and Directed by Preston Sturges

Preston Sturges is one of Hollywood’s Big Names. He took the thirties screwball comedy genre to new heights, with dialogue that still sounds surprisingly natural and mature today.

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campagnebeeld Written and Directed by Preston Sturges
still The Lady Eve (Preston Sturges, US 1941)
still The Lady Eve (Preston Sturges, US 1941)
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