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The One Minutes: Melanie Bonajo, Communication with the Non-Human

This evening artist Melanie presents a new One Minutes series curated by her, Communication with the Non-Human, followed by a screening of the first episode from Kwaidan, her film of choice.

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For the exhibition Close-Up - A New Generation of Film and Video Artists in the Netherlands, The One Minutes has invited artists Felix Burger, Janis Rafa, Helen Dowling and Melanie Bonajo to create a series of one-minute films.

Following a Q&A with the attendant makers of One Minutes, Melanie Bonajo will introduce her film of choice Kwaidan by showing the first episode from this horror anthology, The Black Hair (40 minutes). In The Black Hair a poor samurai abandons his true love to marry for money. After a disastrous marriage he returns to his first wife, only to find out that there”s something ghastly wrong with her.

Melanie Bonajo”s rich oeuvre can be regarded as a multidisciplinary travel guide to places off the beaten track, places seldom visited physically or mentally. In her video trilogy Night Soil she explores the altering relationship between modern man and his environment. In Fake Paradise (2014) Bonajo”s characters try to achieve an altered state of consciousness by indulging in hallucinogenic drugs and rituals. Her Economy of Love (2015), a work featured in the exhibition Close-Up in EYE, focuses exclusively on the body, revealing an alternately desperate, confident and hectic quest for intimacy and hedonism.


Melanie bonajo communication with the non humanstill3
Melanie bonajo communication with the non humanstill
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