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still from The Phantom Carriage (Körkarlen) (Victor Sjöström, SE 1921)

The Phantom Carriage

Victor Sjöström / SE, 1921 / 106 min.

Sixteen composers composed a new electro-acoustic score for this groundbreaking silent film; Ingmar Bergman’s favourite. This is the premiere of that new score played live by the Metropole Orkest [orchestra].

poster The Phantom Carriage (Körkarlen) (Victor Sjöström, SE 1921)
Renowned silent film based on the book by Selma Lagerlöf (1858 - 1940), the author of The Wonderful Adventures of Nils. Director Sjöström is convincing as a worn out man who pays penance after death for his merciless existence. For a year he has to drive the carriage that collects the souls of the dead. Before starting work, his predecessor gives him a quick tour through time, one which shows him the destruction he wrought. The Phantom Carriage was a groundbreaking film – an Ingmar Bergman favourite – due to the non-linear storyline and the overlapping images (double exposure).

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Victor Sjöström

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still from The Phantom Carriage (Körkarlen) (Victor Sjöström, SE 1921)
still from The Phantom Carriage (Körkarlen) (Victor Sjöström, SE 1921)
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