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still Unfaithfully Yours (Preston Sturges, US 1948)

Unfaithfully Yours

Preston Sturges / US, 1948 / 105 min.

Scathing self-portrait, send-up of the conductor’s profession and darkly humorous exploration of a jealous spouse’s desire for revenge. Preston Sturges’ first film for 20th Century Fox was a commercial flop, but quite possibly the most brilliant satire of Sturges’ career.

poster Unfaithfully Yours (Preston Sturges, US 1948)
Conductor Sir Alfred De Carter is on the podium, leading the orchestra through works by Wagner (‘Tannhäuser’), Rossini (the ‘Semiramide’ overture) and Tchaikovsky (‘Francesca da Rimini’). While keeping time, De Carter fantasises about three different ways he could kill his wife, who he believes is being unfaithful to him. The scenarios he imagines are not for the faint-hearted.


This movie is suitable for all ages


Preston Sturges

Production year




Original title

Unfaithfully Yours


105 min.







Part of

Written and Directed by Preston Sturges

Preston Sturges is one of Hollywood’s Big Names. He took the thirties screwball comedy genre to new heights, with dialogue that still sounds surprisingly natural and mature today.

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campagnebeeld Written and Directed by Preston Sturges
still Unfaithfully Yours (Preston Sturges, US 1948)
still Unfaithfully Yours (Preston Sturges, US 1948)
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