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UvA – Come to Life: Movement on Screen

Researchlabs 2023: UvA – Come to Life: Movement on Screen

Come to Life presents three films from the Eye collection and two videos in order to explore different approaches to conveying movement and stasis on screen. Through camera work, editing techniques, and subject matter, the films and videos consider movement as a source of agency for their subjects.

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While Janica Draisma’s Bala II uses rhythmic editing to construct a kinetic choreography of aquatic street sweepers, René Hazekamp’s FX Messerschmidt deploys dramatic camera movement to animate the static objects of a museum display. Kelly Sears likewise complicates the conventions of instructional photography as she explores the somatic entanglements of trauma in Applied Pressure.

In Nan Wang’s 16mm work Dust Poetry, fine particles are layered with organic material in a kind of direct animation technique. Actively engaging the audience in a series of head-to-toe movements, Kexin Hao’s Total Body Workout draws on the history of mass gymnastics and exercise routines in Asia, the Soviet Union and the United States to reconfigure the past in a totalized bodily experience.

This program is organized by students of the University of Amsterdam’s MA program in Preservation and Presentation of the Moving Image: Elena Albuerne, Mailijai Baldé, Vy Đặng, Sophia Haid, Finn Jubak, Maria Paula Lis, Anastasia Mathews, Amber Mota, Magdalena Steffan, and Andrei Vilcov.

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Researchlabs 2023

During the yearly Research Labs presentations, Eye is a hub for students of academies and universities who flock to present their own work and view that of others.

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