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Eye on Sound: A Colour Box (1935) (soundwave)

Visual Jazz

All That Jazz: Visual Jazz

Jazz and animation are a marriage made in heaven, it seems: in Visual Jazz, you can see examples of ‘jazzimation’ and listen to visual artist Vincent de Boer talking about his love of jazz and a lecture from filmmaker Joost Rekveld, all interspersed with live music by jazz drummer Jimmi Hueting & band.

poster All that Jazz: Visual Jazz
Len Lye, Norman McLaren, Evelyn Lambart, Hy Hirsch: there’s been a connection between (animated) filmmakers and jazz music and musicians since the early twentieth century.


  • Jimmi Jo Hueting (Jo Goes Hunting) (© Nick Helderman)

    Live music by Jimmi Hueting

    The music for this exceptional evening will be provided by virtuoso jazz drummer Jimmi Hueting and his incidental combo the Jimmi Jones Ensemble. They will, among other things, provide a live performance of a new score for Tusalava (1929, Len Lye); the original sheet music having been lost. The band consists of Jimmi Hueting on drums, Mete Erker (tenor sax, bass clarinet), Alessandro Fongaro (double bass) and Jesse Schilderink (tenor sax, baritone sax).

  • Joost Rekveld (© Patrick Rafferty)

    Lecture by Joost Rekveld (in Dutch)

    Joost Rekveld, the renowned maker of abstract films and media art, will provide a lecture on the historical background of Visual Music in general and jazz’s influence in particular.

  • Vincent de Boer

    Conversation with Vincent de Boer

    Artist Vincent de Boer will talk about his love of jazz and his participation in the jazz formation Ill Considered from London in which he is the ‘band member without an instrument'. “When I put brush to canvas I feel limitless freedom” said De Boer who opened the All That Jazz programme with his band on 9 September.


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Eye on Sound

With Eye on Sound, Eye focuses on the special relationship between image and sound. Expect live music to silent films, live bands from today to classics of yesteryear, brand new scores to films from the versatile Eye collection and special attention to the often neglected art of sound design.

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Eye on Sound: live music in Eye's arena (soundwave)
still Begone Dull Care (Evelyn Lambart, Norman McLaren, CA 1949)
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