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still Vrouwen van Suriname (Oema foe Sranan)

Vrouwen van Suriname – Oema foe Sranan

At van Praag / NL, 1978 / 56 min.

Vrouwen van Suriname (Oema foe Sranan) portrays the lives of four women who relate the history of Dutch (neo)colonialism in Surinam and racism and being disenfranchised in the Netherlands using personal stories. A wonderful portrait of the Zeitgeist of the tumultuous run up to independence and the period shortly after the Srefidensi in Surinam. New restoration.

poster Vrouwen van Suriname (Oema foe Sranan)
Oema foe Sranan was produced by Cineclub Vrijheidsfilms in cooperation with LOSON ((Landelijke Organisatie van Surinamers in Nederland) [Dutch national organisation for Surinamese people] in the framework of political struggle, as a sign of solidarity between Surinamese and Dutch people who transfer a collective message about the socio-political situation in Surinam and the Surinamese community in the 1970s. the film centres on hoping for better days and liberation from foreign influence.

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At van Praag

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Vrouwen van Suriname – Oema foe Sranan


56 min.


Sranan Tongo





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still Vrouwen van Suriname (Oema foe Sranan)
still Vrouwen van Suriname (Oema foe Sranan)
still Vrouwen van Suriname (Oema foe Sranan)

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