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Workshop Kleurenfilm (6-12 jaar)

More than 100 years ago there were no colour films around. Curious to know how films were coloured in those days? Find out yourself by joining the Colour Film workshop over the Christmas holiday, and take your own colour film home with you!

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Put on a lab coat, look through the magnifier and add your favourite colour to old footage. At the beginning of last century, colour film was still something extraordinary. They were exciting times, with people busily experimenting with colour in film.

After a short tour of the exhibition you will get to work with colour yourself, using genuine old strips of film. That way you will find out what an old film looked like and how it is made up of lots of separate images. Together with your co-workers in the laboratory you will add colour to the images. Try out all colours in the rainbow, mix them all up if you like, or work really carefully, just like in a real film lab.


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