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still Wuthering Heights (Andrea Arnold, GB 2013)

Wuthering Heights

Andrea Arnold / GB, 2011 / 129 min.

Emily Brontë’s tale of yearning replete with unfulfilled desires is reduced to a widely sensual obsession with little dialogue. Raw, earthy and intense. Winner of the prize for Best Cinematography at the Venice Film Festival.

poster Wuthering Heights (Andrea Arnold, GB 2013)
The young Heathcliff is accepted into the Earnshaw family where he has to survive a difficult environment. Heathcliff is strongly attracted to daughter Catherine, who shows him the beautiful sides of tough country life. A powerful, silent love grows between them, yet Heathcliff remains an outsider. Even Catherine cannot give herself to him.

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Andrea Arnold

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Wuthering Heights


129 min.







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Britain’s Brightest

Idiosyncratic British filmmakers Andrea Arnold (1961) and Lynne Ramsay (1969) make films like their lives depend on it. Perhaps not in terms of quantity, but certainly in terms of urgency.

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header Britain's Brightest – De films van Andrea Arnold & Lynne Ramsay
still Wuthering Heights (Andrea Arnold, GB 2013)
still Wuthering Heights (Andrea Arnold, GB 2013)
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