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Cinedans 2022 XX Xplicit Dance A dance for ren hang

XXXplicit Dance

Cinedans Festival 2022

Together with Choreoscope - The International Dance Film Festival of Barcelona, we present a thematic screening inspired by the historical relationship between dance and sex. This collection of films includes work from collectives and directors from all over the world that have dedicated their work to capturing dance and movement through explicit acts. From sex-ed and docufiction to video-clips and phantasmagorical cross-genre short films, we promise an exciting and adventurous screening. For adults only. Warning: This screening contains nudity, explicit sex acts, graphic violence and deceased animals.

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OH (extended)

Director: Aorta films

Year completed: 2016

Country of production: United States

Duration: 3:14

Each body contains unfathomable amounts of information, energy and desire. The suspension of time and weight unlocks something previously concealed by reality. Queer bodies come in and out of focus as ecstatic, undulating, momentous forces. For this screening, we present a fragment from the film.


Define Beauty: Nipples

Director: Matt Lambert

Year completed: 2017

Country of production: United Kingdom

Duration: 3:39

Filmmaker and photographer Matt Lambert confronts the censorship of nipples in contemporary culture and the absurd double standards involved. While he brings the nipple to the lucid centre of the frame, model and activist Adwoa Aboah lends her voice to deliver a provocative verse written by feminist writer Alex Holder.

The Flesh's Hunger

Director: Marcelo D'Avilla, Marcelo Denny

Year completed: 2019

Country of production: Brazil

Duration: 4:27

What does your flesh crave? How can the prayers of the body be heard in the name of that most sacred of desires: lust? A powerful celebration of male bodies, detached from today's conservative culture, with their skins and their guts, in an erotic, visceral and irrational vertigo.


Director: David Bloom

Year completed: 2015

Country of production: Germany

Duration: 5:44

Part of the Sex & Space Trilogy, in the intersection of pornography and choreography, Sonata focuses on musicality, phrasing, and combining voice and movement. It is a study of the body’s inside and outside, in which the actors interact with the historical setting through improvisation. We present an extract from the film.

A Dance for Ren Hang

Director: Lei Yuan Bin

Year completed: 2018

Country of production: Singapore

Duration: 9:25

Three dancers re-enact the best photographs by the Chinese artist Ren Hang, known for his daring erotic images that challenged Chinese censorship. Ren killed himself in 2017, just 29 years old. Fragments from his writings highlight his fight with depression in this playful homage to his work.


Director: Jennifer Lyon Bell

Year completed: 2018

Country of production: The Netherlands

Duration: 11:00

A lighthearted game based on one single rule: 'You may only touch your partner under or over clothing that you dress them in.' This fully improvised erotic exploration brings them into a synchrony that feels like dancing. Starting naked, ending clothed and exhausted – a love scene in reverse. We present a fragment from the film.


Director: Matt Lambert, Steven Fast

Choreography: Matt Lambert, Steven Fast

Year completed: 2022

Country of production: United Kingdom

Duration: 7:59

ROTTED is a short-film by long-term and frequent collaborators, Matt Lambert and Steven Fast. Produced by VITIUM in association with Dance Theatre Heidelberg in the summer of 2021, this experimental and explicit dance film fuses repetitive movement with autobiographical excerpts of Fast’s sexual history.

The Glamorous Boys of Tang

Director: Su Hui-yu

Year completed: 2018

Country of production: Taiwan

Duration: 15:01

A slow-motion pan shot captures a wild, glittered, blood-splattered orgy during the Tang dynasty. This film recreates scenes of the Taiwanese cult film Tang Chao Chi Li, that was never realised and only exists as a screenplay. The scene brings together different gendered bodies and subcultures of Taiwan's society. Presented without narrative context, the orgiastic murder scene plays out like a nightmare.

Butt Muscle - Christeene

Director: Matt Lambert

Year completed: 2017

Country of production: United Kingdom

Duration: 3:15

In this music video for their track Butt Muscle, 'drag terrorist' Christeene teams up with director Matt Lambert to create an outrageous display of anal fantasies. Featuring fashion duo Rick Owens and Michèle Lamy as well as outsized dildos and lavish amounts of lubricant, this surreal sextopia is unabashedly transgressive.

Progressive Touch

Director: Michael Portnoy

Choreography: Michael Portnoy

Year completed: 2020

Country of production: Austria, The Netherlands, United States

Duration: 12:47

Expanding the relationship between human sexuality, choreography and musical composition, Michael Portnoy aims to counter the predictable cadences and movements of commercialised, desensitised sexual intimacy. In rock opera slapstick vignettes, the complex meter and compositional structures found in progressive rock and math metal inspire staged performances of the sexual act.


Director: Antonio da Silva

Year completed: 2014

Country of production: Portugal

Duration: 10:08

In a statement about the current lack of financial support for the arts, 35 Portuguese dancers undress in front of the camera. They become the object of desire with a sensual, provocative performance. Eclectic dance disciplines help this film to explore an exhibitionist view of the male nude.

Paradise Circus - Massive Attack

Director: Toby Dye

Year completed: 2010

Country of production: United Kingdom

Duration: 5:26

Toby Dye’s music video for Massive Attack’s song Paradise Circus is a short documentary: an interview with Georgina Spelvin, the eponymous star of 'The Devil in Miss Jones', one of the most famous porn movies of all time. Despite YouTube banning the video, it drew over 20 million hits.

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In five full days, Cinedans presents the state of the art of international dance film in partnership with dancescreen - IMZ International Music + Media Center Vienna.

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