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Fiona Tan, Gray Glass (2020), still, 3 channel 4K video installation, black & white, 3 x mono, courtesy the artist and Frith Street Gallery, London

Exhibition Fiona Tan

Mountains and Molehills

2 October 2022 — 8 January 2023
How do we hold on to memories – in archives, in the mind, in the landscape, on film? Visual artist and filmmaker Fiona Tan investigates ways in which we record the world around us.
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campaign image Xtended: Missing Pictures; still from Missing Pictures (Tsai Ming-Liang's The Seven-Story Building)

Missing Pictures

Abel Ferrara, Tsai Ming-liang, Catherine Hardwicke, Naomi Kawase, Lee Myung-Se in a VR experience by Clément Deneux

15 December 2022 — 4 January 2023
A virtual reality experience and a selection of films by five top international directors, including Naomi Kawase and Abel Ferrara.
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campaign image Eye Classics

Ongoing Eye Classics

Do you know your classics?

Eye now brings film history even closer with Eye Classics. On the big screen, screened in 35mm whenever possible.
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A photograph of the 360° – a space where visitors are surrounded by nearly 100 film clips from the collection

Permanent presentation

The most beautiful cinematic equipment in our collection

The most beautiful cinematic equipment in our collection is on display in our permanent presentation.
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