framing film

In collaboration with Amsterdam University Press (AUP), EYE publishes its own academic book series entitled Framing Film.

This series consists of theoretical and analytical books in the field of restoration, preservation, archival and exhibition practices in line with the work of EYE. The first title appeared in 2009: From Grain to Pixel. The Archival Life of Film in Transition by Giovanna Fossati. Since then, a dozen of books have been published in the series.

  • Fantasia of Color in Early Cinema (2015)

  • Recent publications Framing Film

  • Recent publications Framing Film

With Framing Film, EYE and AUP aim to support scholars and archivists in their reflection on archival and restoration practices. 

I ... applaud this [series'] effort, because for me the construction of film history has always been a complex matrix of social forces, academic research interest, and archival ability. Just as research queries by film scholars lead to films being prioritized for preservation and restoration, preservation initiatives in the archives also lead to an opening up of new film historical terrain — Jan-Christopher Horak, director of UCLA Film & Television Archive

The EYE Filmmuseum in Holland is a leader in the field and their Framing Film imprint adds invaluable scholarship to the field — Mike Leggett, Leonardo Reviews 

Forthcoming publications

The Colour Fantastic: Chromatic Worlds of Silent Cinema, compiled by Giovanna Fossati, Victoria Jackson, Bregt Lameris, Elif Rongen-Kaynakçi, Sarah Street and Joshua Yumibe (2018)

From Grain to Pixel: The Archival Life of Film in Transition (revised edition) by Giovanna Fossati (2018)

Images of Dutchness. Early cinema, Popular Visual Culture and the Emergence of a National Cliché, 1800-1914 door Sarah Dellman (2018)

The Greatest Films Never Seen. The Film Archive and the Copyright Smokescreen by Claudy Op den Kamp (2018)