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SEE NL is a collaboration between Eye Filmmuseum and the Netherlands Film Fund. It is responsible for internationally promoting Dutch films, the Dutch film industry and Dutch film culture.

Specifically, Eye Filmmuseum’s core task under the SEE NL umbrella is to promote Dutch films and film professionals across the globe, with the aim of screening as many Dutch films as possible at international festivals and other venues, for international film professionals and as wide an international audience as possible. SEE NL also advises producers regarding potential international sales agents and distributors, and vice versa. This is how SEE NL strives to increase awareness and visibility of Dutch films in other countries, and to enhance the position of Dutch films in the international market.

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That’s why SEE NL is the ideal centre of expertise regarding international film festivals and markets. SEE NL offers bespoke recommendations for features films, documentaries, short films and animation as well as for experimental films. Producers and filmmakers can consult with SEE NL early in the production process, on issues like international promotion, festivals and sales.


SEE NL’s lobbying and promotional activities can only succeed if we have access to as much up-to-date information as possible. Which is why we advise producers and filmmakers to provide us with whatever information they have about their films, festival selections, awards received and sales, at the earliest possible opportunity.


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Film Festivals & tips

Read more about how important film festivals are for your film, what we can do for you and check up on upcoming ‘festival submission deadlines’.

The European Film Market, Berlinale 2019
The European Film Market, Berlinale 2019

Sales Agents

Selling a film abroad is a time-consuming and specialised project. Which is why having a Sales Agent to sell your film to foreign distributors is so important.

Academy Awards – Dutch Oscar Entry

SEE NL officially coordinates the selection of the Dutch entry for the Oscars in the category International Feature Film and submits it to the AMPAS in Los Angeles.

Carice van Houten and Halina Reijn at Locarno for the premiere of Instinct (2019).
Carice van Houten and Halina Reijn at Locarno for the premiere of Instinct (2019).

Financial Support

SEE NL is able to contribute some of the travel expenses to a number of selected festivals for directors and/or producer attending the festivals to represent their selected films.

© Ralph Richter
© Ralph Richter

International Cultural Policy

SEE NL is one of the Netherlands’ cultural organisations tasked with implementing international cultural policy regarding Dutch films and the Dutch film industry.

European Film Promotion

SEE NL is a member of European Film Promotion (EFP). EFP offers a wide range of promotional programmes and strategies for the European film industry.

SEE NL magazine covers

SEE NL Publications

SEE NL regularly releases several publications, including the annual SEE NL Film Catalogue which features an overview of Dutch film productions, ranging across genres.

Still from Last Days of Spring
Still from Last Days of Spring

Submit your film to SEE NL

Want to know more about the various SEE NL publications and selections to which you can submit your film?

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