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Eye rents out films from its collection to Dutch cinemas. These range from early to contemporary films, and from classics to the latest experimental productions.

still from The Brilliant Biograph: Earliest Moving Images of Europe (1897-1902)
still from The Brilliant Biograph: Earliest Moving Images of Europe (1897-1902)

The Eye distribution collection includes more than 2,000 titles and is still growing. New acquisitions mainly consist of digitally restored classics and experimental productions.

Examples include films by David Lynch and Jacques Tati, rediscovered early masterpieces, or films by experimental new filmmakers that feature surprising subject matter or techniques. The acquisitions made from 2012 onwards are only available in the DCP (Digital Cinema Package) format.

DCP catalogue

You can download the DCP catalogue with the most recent offerings here.
For bookings, please contact us.

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campaign image Previously Unreleased

Previously Unreleased

Every summer, Eye releases films that have previously been shown at prominent festivals in the Netherlands and abroad, but that did not yet reach Dutch cinemas.

Eye both screens the films, and distributes most of the titles in national cinemas.

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National screenings Previously Unreleased

The Previously Unreleased-selected film Showing Up is distributed by Park Circus and Le procès Goldman by Cinéart.

National screenings Animal

National screenings Do Not Expect Too Much from the End of the World

National screenings Eureka

National screenings Inside the Yellow Cocoon Shell

National screenings Le gang des Bois du Temple

National screenings Mal viver

National screenings Peak Season

National screenings Viver mal

still from Spoorloos (George Sluizer, NL 1988)

still Spoorloos (George Sluizer, NL 1988)


Spoorloos, the Netherlands’ best psychological thriller, will be released nationwide in a brand-new restoration. In George Sluizer’s nerve-wracking Golden Calf winner a young woman (Johanna ter Steege) disappears during a holiday in southern France. The classic will be released nationwide on 13 June and with an accompanying programme of Sluizer films on the Eye Film Player and in cinemas.

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National screenings

National screenings Spoorloos

poster image Moving (Shinji Sômai, JP 1993)


Japanese classic about how eighth-grader Renko processes her parents’ divorce and makes her own plans. Fans of this much-admired film from 1993 include directors such as Hirokazu Kore-eda, and from 30 May, Moving will hit screens in the Netherlands for the first time in a 4K restoration.

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National screenings

National screenings Moving

Korte Film Poule

The Korte Film Poule has started for distribution of the short film. Theaters can book short films unlimitedly in the form of a subscription.

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