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Puzzle Tour

Eye Explore More is a free puzzle tour through the whole building for children aged 7 and up. The tour is packed with optical illusions, fun assignments, and puzzles. Grab your booklet and pencil, and go on a journey through Eye.

Eye Explore More puzzle tour
© Martin Hogeboom

Spread throughout Eye are a number of black devices that we call Viewers. These are the precursors of modern film. The best part of all is that you can use and play with them.

Your two eyes see everything, but your mind often plays tricks on you. How? This is what you'll find out in Eye Explore More. You play with the viewers and discover how motion works in films and in optical illusions. And of course, you also use your own imagination!

Children can each get their own Eye Explore More booklet, and go off on a research project through the building. Parents are welcome to join the seven and eight-year-olds, but children aged nine and up can go exploring on their own.

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Eye Explore

Pssst ... Have you already done the puzzle tour, and are you looking for the answers? Then look below.


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Answers Puzzle Tour

Eye Explore More answer Camera Obscura
Eye Explore More answer Camera Obscura
Eye Explore More answer Praxinoscope
Eye Explore More answer Praxinoscope

Eye Explore was nominated for the Children in Museums Award 2018